A production line is built of processes chain, failing to cooperate with the supplier may lead to collateral damages. Thus, automation of this process is of high importance and ROI.

PO Collaboration is a simple way of communication between a buyer and supplier.

This solution gives the buyer an option to have a dialog with the vendor via emails.

PO Collaboration assure the commitment of the supplier to the quantities and delivery schedules as stated in the PO issued.

PO Collaboration main goal is to enable the business a computerize control on the communication process in one report.


PO Collaboration – Principles:

  • Use email to convey data to/from vendor.
  • Make the happy day scenario (common one) as simple as possible.
  • Ask vendor to fix only problematic data parts.
  • Make onboarding as easy and short as possible.
  • Vendor must not pay for any of this solution.


PO Collaboration solution includes:

  • Auto send PO upon PO approval to Distribution list – multiple email addresses.
  • Vendor approve the PO and confirmation will loaded to the PO in SAP automatically.
  • Vendor can split the delivery to several delivery dates.
  • Any vendor changes will loaded to SAP upon buyers approval.
  • Every thing is done using a simple email – No special software, registrations or licenses on the vendor side.
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