3.Buyer's Side - Purchase Order Monitor

The Monitor centers all the purchase Orders collaboration.

Enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_MONITOR.

The current window will open:



Enter a relevant criteria and processing state which is relevant to your search.

Click on the Execute button (F8) .

The current window will open:



The table data is displayed in colors:

  • Yellow – Data from delivery schedule tab in PO.
  • Pink – Data from confirmation tab in PO.
  • Green – Data from vendor collaboration email.


Important Note:

  • You can change quantity and date and also add a remark in vendor data by double clicking on the edit bottom.


The main menu bar includes all available actions.


  • Update – this action will update the purchase order with the vendor confirmation data.
  • Resend Approval Rqst – resend email to vendor.
  • Send Notif. To vendor – provides an option to send vendor an email with open text.
  • Send Output to Vendor – sends a PDF file of confirmed PO data to vendor.


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