2.1.Maintain Environment Data

In the PO Collaboration’s IMG select “Maintain Environment Data” or enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_PAR_VAL.

The following window will open:



Fill in the next fields:

PartnDet.Proc.Set Partner Determination Procedure (From the MM-Pur Customizing)
Conf. ControlDefault Conf. Control (if not found in vendor)
Confirm. Cat.Select relevant Category.
Sender EmailDefines which email address will send the output.

01 System Default

02 Buyer Email

Split PositionPosition of the ‘Split’ key in the line.

F First

L Last

Text NameEmail body text.

*Maintained in Transaction SO10

PO TextEnables to customize a special Purchase Order Text that will be added to the sent email
SignatureThe signature at the bottom of the email text
Graphic NameOption to add the company's logo to the email
Output TypeThe Purchase Order output type to be attached to the email
Confirmation Mail To VendorPO Collaboration can send a confirmation email according to the following options:
  • 01 Always - When ever there is any change in the PO
  • 02 On Buyer's Update (Default) - When ever the buyer is making a change (including approving a vendor changes)
  • 03 On System Update - When ever there is a change in the PO no matter who did it
  • 04 Never - No Confirmation email will be sent
Reminder DaysDays to pass with no vendor feedback until a reminder email will be sent to the vendor
Reminder 1 DaysDays to pass without feedback from previous reminder email until an other reminder email will be sent to the vendor
Text NameThe reminder's email body text
DisableWhen you set this flag, all active reminders won't be sent (even if deadline of reminder has been reached).
Reduce Qty.Customize id reducing quantity of PO items is allowed in the PO Collaboration Monitor
Increase Qty.Customize id increasing quantity of PO items is allowed in the PO Collaboration Monitor
Monitor Upd.An Option to allow updates at the PO collaboration Monitor Transaction at entire PO vs. selected PO lines
Log ActiveCheck to log all activities in the PO Collaboration

Yes No
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