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PO Collaboration Version 4.7 Customizing (IMG)



This guide will explain all the needed customizing needed in order to use and maintain the PO Collaboration.


Please follow the simple steps in this guide .

PO Collaboration Customizing (IMG)


  1. Login to SAP
  2. Go to the RainbowSAP transaction in ‘/DPS/PO_CLB_IMG’ (T-code). You might want to save this transaction in your favorites.

The following window will open:


Maintain Environment Data

In the PO Collaboration’s IMG select “Maintain Environment Data” or enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_PAR_VAL.

The following window will open:



Fill in the next fields:

PartnDet.Proc.Set Partner Determination Procedure (From the MM-Pur Customizing)
Conf. ControlDefault Conf. Control (if not found in vendor)
Confirm. Cat.Select relevant Category.
Sender EmailDefines which email address will send the output.

01 System Default

02 Buyer Email

Split PositionPosition of the ‘Split’ key in the line.

F First

L Last

Text NameEmail body text.

*Maintained in Transaction SO10

SignitureThe signature at the bottom of the email text
Graphic NameOption to add the comany's logo to the email
Output TypeThe Purchase Order output type to be attached to the email
Confirmation Mail To VendorPO Collaboration can send a confirmation email according to the following options:
  • 01 Always - When ever there is any change in the PO
  • 02 On Buyer's Update (Default) - When ever the buyer is making a change (including approving a vendor changes)
  • 03 On System Update - When ever there is a change in the PO no matter who did it
  • 04 Never - No Confirmation email will be sent
Reminder DaysDays to pass with no vendor feedback until a reminder email will be sent to the vendor
Reminder 1 DaysDays to pass without feedback from previous reminder email until an other reminder email will be sent to the vendor
Text NameThe reminder's email body text
Reduce Qty.Customize id reducing quantity of PO items is allowed in the PO Collaboration Monitor
Increase Qty.Customize id increasing quantity of PO items is allowed in the PO Collaboration Monitor
Log ActiveCheck to log all activities in the PO Collaboration


Define Purchase Order Attributes

In the PO Collaboration’s IMG select “Define Purchase Order Attributes” or enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_PAR.

The current window will open:



Scroll vertically to see more customizing fields



In this screen you can maintainthe following parameters to any combination of the following parameters:

  • Order Type
  • Purchase Organization
  • Purchase Group


Copy To BuyerSends an email copy to the buyer when the email is sent to the vendor.
Update BuyerSends an email when the vendor confirms and do not have any updates.
Conf. UpdateUpdate Confirmations tab in the order.
Ackn. UpdateUpdate ‘Order acknowledgment’ field in Confirmations tab with date and time.
Schedule UpdateUpdate delivery date in ‘Statistical Relevant Delivery Date’ field in Delivery schedule tab.
Stat. Del Upd.Check to determined whether Statistics-Relevant Delivery Date value should be updated or not. In case checkbox isn't set, Statistics-Relevant Delivery Date (EKET-SLFDT) should not be changed/copied from source schedule line (in case of split).
Buyer RmdSends the Buyer an email if the vendor do not confirm receiving a reminder email. (Only if reminders are customized in delivery tab.)
ParPrOption to select the Partner Determination Procedure
Out.Specifies the kind of output type to be produced.
NameDescription of the Out. selected
Graphic nameGraphic image name


Partner Determination

In This section you can define the PO Collaboration Partner behavior.

First you can define a procedure which set the Partner types relevant for the PO Collaboration and then if needed program a special BAdi to set your company logic.


Define Partner Determination Procedures

In the PO Collaboration’s IMG select “Define Partner Determination Procedures” or enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_PAR_PROC.

The following window will open:



The default procedure is “1STD” if needed you can create other to enable several PO Collaboration behaviors.

Select the Procedure line and press the “Partner” folder on the left panel.

The following screen will open:



In this screen you can link the partner type to the PO Collaboration Determination Method.


These are the available Determination Methods:


Determination method CodeDetermination method DescriptionDescription
BRBuyer ResponsibilityThe buyer of the Purchase Order
VDVendor Distribution ListCurrently Not in use
VUVendor AddressThe vendor of the Purchase Order


Enter the Purchase orders Partner Types that are relevant in your company to the PO Collaboration.

For each partner type set a Determination method.

In the screenshot above the Partner type BU is determined in the PO Collaboration as the buyer and the VU is determined as the Vendor in the PO Collaboration.

This option gives the flexibility to use other Partner types that may have been used in each company.


Maintain Partner Determination Methods

In the PO Collaboration’s IMG select “Define Partner Determination Procedures” or enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_PAR_METH.

The following window will open:



All available Determination methods that were defined are listed.

For each Determination method a BAdi implementation can be defined with the logic of email addres.

When a BAdi is implemented a Green light will appear

For example in the the VU BAdi in the above screenshot has the logic to select the vendor and go to the vendor master data table (KNA1) and select the email field.



In this section you can customize the Purchase Order document types that will be attached to emails sent from the PO Collaboration.


Assign Attachable Output Types

Set the Purchase order output type.



Customizing a Vendor

PO collaboration uses the Vendor’s master data to determine the communication email.

Therefore You have to make sure that there is an email in each of the vendors’ master data.

Enter vendor in transaction MK02.

Maintain the relevant email address to all relevant PO Collaboration Vendors.

Important Note:

  • Email addresses that are marked with check box “do not use for communication” will be excluded from the automation email process.


Sending Work Items

Sending work items in PO Collaboration process to an external email will be done via a program /DPS/PO_CLB_SEND which is included on a scheduled job.

In order to activate the program manually preform the next steps:

Enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_SEND.

The current window will open:

Choose relevant variant.

Click on the Execute Button (F8).

Important Note:

  • You might have to wait a few minutes in order to let the Send Message workflow process finish.



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