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PO Collaboration Version 4.7 User Guide


A production line is built of processes chain, failing to cooperate with the supplier may lead to collateral damages. Thus, automation of this process is of high importance and ROI.

PO Collaboration is a simple way of communication between a buyer and supplier.

This solution gives the buyer an option to have a dialog with the vendor via emails.

PO Collaboration assure the commitment of the supplier to the quantities and delivery schedules as stated in the PO issued.

PO Collaboration main goal is to enable the business a computerize control on the communication process in one report.

PO Collaboration solution:

  • Auto send PO upon PO approval to Distribution list – multiple email addresses.
  • Vendor approve the PO and confirmation will loaded to the PO in SAP automatically.
  • Vendor can split the delivery to several delivery dates.
  • Any vendor changes will loaded to SAP upon buyers approval.
  • Every thing is done using a simple email – No special software, registrations or licenses on the vendor side.


Vendor’s Side – Email Updating Data

The great simplicity of PO Collaboration is that all the communication between the two companies will be done through regular emails.

PO collaboration sends the vendor emails with the following features:

  • Confirm link in the Email body
  • Two Email Attachments:
    • PO Update Form
    • Purchase Order Form


Following is an email example





The PO Collaboration supports two vendor’s scenarios:


  1. Everything is OK from the vendor’s side – a simple confirmation needs to be sent to the buyer.
  2. There are some changes that needs to be update like Delivery dates, Quantities and splitting the deliveries.

Scenario #1. Everything is OK

In case no changes are required click on  to confirm the data.

An automatic Reply email will be presented.

Just press the Send button and you are done.

Senario # 2. the vendor wants to update the buyer with some changes regarding the PO.

The vendor MUST download the PO Update form attached to the email to his computer and open it.

The current window will open:



Vendor’s options to update the buyer are as followed:

1. Request the buyer to Split the delivery of a PO line into several delivery dates.

To do so the vendor should click the button next to the relevant PO line and change quantity and dates.

2. The vendor can enter comments to each line.

3. The vendor can enter a new quantity to be delivered

After all changes and updates have been made the vendor must press the button.

An automatic Reply email will be presented.

Just press the Send button and you are done.

Important Note:

  • Remember due to security issues if the vendor needs to fill the PO Update form he must download it!


Buyer’s Side – Purchase Order Monitor

The Monitor centers all the purchase Orders collaboration.

Enter transaction /DPS/PO_CLB_MONITOR.

The current window will open:

Enter a relevant criteria and processing state which is relevant to your search.

Click on the Execute button (F8) .

The current window will open:

The table data is displayed in colors:

  • Yellow – Data from delivery schedule tab in PO.
  • Pink – Data from confirmation tab in PO.
  • Green – Data from vendor collaboration email.

Important Note:

  • You can change quantity and date and also add a remark in vendor data by double clicking on the edit bottom.

The main menu bar includes all available actions.

  • Update – this action will update the purchase order with the vendor confirmation data.
  • Resend Approval Rqst – resend email to vendor.
  • Send Notif. To vendor – provides an option to send vendor an email with open text.
  • Send Output to Vendor – sends a PDF file of confirmed PO data to vendor.



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